Our solutions

Our solutions

A made to measure program for each goal

We have a wide selection of promotional mechanisms availiable, to ensure relevant and effective solutions that match your needs. Our extensive experience enables us to confidently advise you as to the best option to fulfil the exact objectives  of your campaign.


Picto ODR

Cash back promotions

Cashback offers allow the consumer to benefit from a deferred reimbursement following the purchase of one or many products of the same brand . It's a promotional mechanism like no other, and not to be missed. Value added to your...

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Picto Offre à primes

Bonus promotions

A Bonus promotion provides an extra customer reward for one or several purchases of the same brand. The consumer must send in his proofs of purchase to receive his bonus retrospectively. It can be physical (in the form of a gift) or...

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Picto jeu concours


Games are a fun mechanism that reinforces the brand's image and spirit in the customers mind. It can be offered with or without obligation to purchase. Its main purpose is to rivitalise up a product range but also to enhance it's...

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Sales incentive schemes

Sales force incentives aim to motivate and get the brand's sales force involved in the program.It can be focussed towards sales teams, resellers, distribution networks or indeed any route to market to the end consumer. The proposed...

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Picto programme de fidélité

Loyalty schemes

Our loyalty programs aim to enhance the value of a customer, thanks to the use of targeted and pragmatic promotional levers. They can either take the form of cumulative gift points or personalised loyalty schemes. Value added to...

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Picto C to C

C to C mobilisation tools

Consumer to consumer mechanisms aim to encourage consumers to recommend your products amongst their peers. By harnessing the power of satisfied customers, you can both reduce your cost of customer aquisition and raise brand awareness...

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